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Metodichka - Word macro package

Macro PoZa Macro package for formatting Microsoft Word documents.
Examples, tips, info about macros, VBA and Microsoft Office.
Author: © Alexander, 2007-2023,
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Package "Metodichka" is a set of tools for working with documents in Microsoft Word (Word). Package simplifies the handling of unformatted text, scanned literature, helps to quickly format a document, term paper or thesis, and saves time when you work with the flow of documentation, automating the routine grunt work. Over time, accumulated experience and implements most of the common tasks for formatting. Therefore, it is very flexible and can be quickly configured or modified to meet new requirements.

The package consists of one file "Metodichka" is a Word template, with built-in macros, tab on the Ribbon, toolbar, styles, etc., which is installed as an add-in for Word.

Interface package is designed for the average user, and is optimized for the popular version of the Word (see the section "Compatibility").

Text processing in package is focused on Latin and Cyrillic (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Western European languages).

The package code is open and will be interesting for users working with macros and for learning Visual Basic for Application language (VBA). Available as a common package and macros useful ancillary procedures, functions, and constants.


Tab "Metodichka" on the Ribbon

  • Design of the tab allows working both in normal mode - you can see all of the groups, and compact - visible only active groups. Features:
    • Entering and exiting the compact mode is to click the icon of the dialogue  (at the bottom of any group, to the right of the title)
    • To manage the compact mode, creates a group "Pocket"
    • Size of the buttons in the "Pocket" can be reduced by clicking the dialog icon
    • Group "Pocket" contains:
      • The expand button for hidden groups.
      •  "Multi" toggle - able to see several groups or only one.
      •  "Quick Start" menu, with the most recently used macros buttons.
      •  "Lock" button, to preserve the appearance of the tabs in order to restore the next time you start Word.
      •  Keyboard quick setup mode switch: when this mode is enabled, pressing the menu item invokes the standard dialog "Keyboard" for the corresponding macro.
    • Normal view:

    Tab "Metodichka" on the Ribbon of Word

    • Group "Pocket":

    Normal view of group "Pocket"

    • Mini "Pocket":

    Compact view of group "Pocket"

    • Group "Macro" - key macros in Package
      • Is the main instrument. Contains both the individual macros and macro packages that combine smaller macros. Popular description is given in the section "Features". List all macros presented on the page "Macros".
    • Group "Misc"
      • "View" menu - the appearance of the document and the visibility of its individual elements
        • Hide / Show: field codes, tabs, spaces, paragraph marks, hidden text, hyphens, shapes, bookmarks, color selection, etc.
      • "Buffer" menu - work with clipboard
        • Insert text: plain; preserving the original format, using the adjacent format.
        • Insert list: start numbering from the beginning; continuing the numbering; combining the nearest similar.
        • Insert table cells: as text; as table rows; instead of the selected cells; preserving the original format; from the edge of the table with the alignment of widths.
      • "Story" menu - selecting standard parts of a document
        • Main, footnotes, headers, footers, comments, and all the others.
      • "Expand" menu - extension of the selection
        • Select whole: story, sections, pages, tables, rows and columns of tables, lists, etc.
        • Selection the same type formatting: indent paragraphs, font size, etc.
        • Selection unsigned end of the cell: paragraphs; lines.
        • Original elements: cap table from the context; list as text; text before the brackets or quotes.
      • "Select" menu - change in the selected area
        • Select current, previous or next paragraph, line.
        • Moves the cursor to the beginning or end of the paragraph, line, hanging word.
      • "Style" menu - assign styles to selected area
        • If the style is not in the document, before assigning it recreated.
    • Group "Find" - search the document
      • A detailed description is given on the page "Macros" in the "Search" section.
      • Menu "Item" - elements of the document search
        • Elements: the titles and headings of a paragraph (for context and drawing), numbered and bulleted lists, lists as text, formula as text, footnotes and references in text, tables, pictures, or objects of all types, spelling and grammatical errors, fields, bookmarks, etc.
      • Menu "Font" - search font with desired properties
        • Search for the font properties one by one or all together, on the presence or absence of.
        • Font properties: bold, italic, underline, super/subscript, caps, spacing, strikethrough, color, shadow, outline, emboss, engrave, animation, position, scaling, style, etc.
      • Menu "Text" - search for text elements in the document
        • Text elements: acronym, text from capital letters, Latin, Cyrillic, the text in brackets or quotes, surname and initials, Roman number, date, century, year, month, time, etc.
    • Group "Action" contains macros for fast processing
      • Action macros are executed immediately, without prompting and confirmation by processing the selected area or item. A list of all Actions represented on the page "Macros" in "Action" section.
      • A short list of popular Actions:
        • Menu "Text": add contour; non-breaking spaces; spaces instead of tabs; make a double quotation mark corner, etc.
        • Menu "Font": italic bold; bold italic; bold capital; degrease direct; underline italic; bold underline, etc.
        • Menu "Paragraph": add a frame; zero padding; add a tab stop to the right with an underline; remove blank, etc.
        • Menu "Math": two decimal places; split a integer part on the level of thousands; format the formula with a list of variables; convert to table formula with a list of variables; break up the formula to cells, etc.
        • Menu "List": convert a list into the text; convert text to a bulleted list; bulleted list 1 from the gallery;
          numbered list 1 from the gallery, etc.
        • Menu "Table": align the center of the page; align the left edge; dashes in the blank cells; width 100%; keep together; crop empty rows and columns on the edges; autoheight; best fit; borderless; no lines; merge cells with an invisible boundary; merge cell with empty neighboring etc.
    • Group "Step" - commands to step through changes to the parameters
      • Parameters: spacing and font size; line spacing; paragraph margins; table width; cell padding of table; image zoom; text box margins.
      • An array of options-steps and keyboard commands the user can customize.
      • Accuracy can be any, right down to the lowest possible step of the corresponding parameter.
      • Details on the page "Macros" in the "Step" section.
    • Group "Shift" - commands to move text
      • Buffer is not in use. It is possible to undo. Selection remains.
      • Operations:
        • Current Selection to the beginning or end of the document.
        • Paragraph, word, or character change places with the next or previous.
      • Details on the page "Macros" in the "Shift" section.
    • Group "Char" - quickly insert chars
      • Character sets: modifiers (accent, the tilde, etc.); letters of the Greek, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian, English alphabets; symbols; units of measure, etc.
    • Some elements from the tab "Metodichka" submitted for standard Ribbon tabs:
      • on the "Home" tab - group "Metodichka" with menu "Clipboard", "Story", "View".
      • on the "Insert" tab - group "Metodichka" containing the menu to insert symbols.

    Command Bar "Metodichka"

    • Elements of the Command Bar are similar to the same Ribbon elements (see above):
    • Command bar "Metodichka"

    • Menu and Buttons of the Command Bar are working when you move or copy to another Command Bar, to another Document.

    Macros of the package

    • Public macros included in the Package, are available in the standard list of Word macros (Alt + F8).
    • Package macros names starts with the text "Mnnn" (Macro), commands names - with the text "Annn" (Action), where nnn is a unique number.
    • Macros whose names contain the word "Pack" is the packages where multiple macros are run one after the other, in the manner and with the settings best suited to the task.













Pages, Sections




Footnotes, Endnotes




Office  365

See the version of Word.

Word  2019,  2016,  2013,  2010,  2007  x86/x64  Rus/Eng

Fully compatible. Interface - Tab on the Ribbon.

Word  2003   Rus/Eng

Initial project software. Interface - Command Bar.

Word  2002/XP,  2000   Rus/Eng

90% macro works. Package adapts at the request of the user.

In other versions of Word the package has not been tested. Macro language is universal for all versions of Word. In addition, the package is protected from changes in the regional settings of the operating system (see the section "Regional and language options").



Why there is no trial version?

Firstly, the project code is completely open, in cognitive and educational purposes as well as for security - anyone can see what the macros do. Secondly, Word doesn't allow to protect reliably a code of macros and to do completely closed project I don't want (see first). I will note that there is an opportunity to receive as separately any macro, and the full current version of a package. For testing, it is possible to send a document sample. I will return the processed macro interesting you.

How to see the macros?

Macros are not available if you have installed package "Metodichka" as an add-on, that is the standard, as described in the instructions. Hidden macros - a characteristic of all add-ins, so is the way Word. Always visible macros open documents and Normal template (usually your macros here). To see the add-in macros, and this case is a package "Metodichka", it is necessary to open the file in Word as a normal document. In a "Metodichka" package, the special button is provided: group "Macro" > menu "Help" > point "Package Metodichka template". This macro allows you to quickly open the package file without a long search in the Startup folder. Now, the macros from the package are available, you can see the code. Universal way to see macros of any document: start Word > menu "File" > point "Open" > chose the file > button "Open" > the document opened > passed in the VBA editor (Alt + F11) > watch macros.

Can I edit the macro code?

It is possible and even necessary, if you personally it will be useful, i.e., for personal purposes. Just try to stick to the rules "do no harm" in relation to the project as a whole.

Do I need Internet access to run macros?

Package "Metodichka" does not require a connection to the Internet, does not receive or send any information out. Outside the package "Metodichka", there are macros that use the Internet, due to the nature of its work. For example, the macro "Online translation" in the "Create" section.

Whether macro security?

The best guarantee of security - it is open source package. Macros in package "Metodichka" work exclusively within the framework of tasks. The package doesn't make any hidden labels and manipulations.

Protection reports virus

When your antivirus program reports that you have a macro virus in your document, contact support for this program. I can only guess why the defense sees a virus where it doesn't exist. The antivirus can simply warn you, can lock a file, can remove macros at all, so say "cure". I think it's a routine reinsurance, that the virus is justified. If you know these macros, or if you trust the macro author, add a "dangerous" file to the exception and continue to work.



Package "Metodichka"

Purchase (price, buy): howtoget

License agreement: licence

Help file (password 0): mtdmacro_chm.7z

Instructions (installation, configuration, description): readme

Installer (password 0): starter-m.7z (universal see in the section Creativity)

Last update from 19.01.2022

Custom macros

In your own words, describe the task. It is advisable to attach samples of "before" and "after". Perhaps you can help just a tip. The macro will replace the slow monotonous work with one click. Ordering Guide: order


A new user, with fresh eyes, sees drawbacks of Word that other already familiar and invisible. The opinion of each individual, and could result in a new original idea. If our joint efforts will be implemented in the package "Metodichka", you will receive the next version of the package "Metodichka" as a gift, or lifetime license.

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